A husband above all else. A man with a full heart and room to spare.

I’m happy despite all I’ve been through & I’m arming myself to fight any future challenges.

Growing up in a blue collar, paycheck to paycheck house taught me to work hard and break down my body for a better future.

I had fallen into the rat race. I worked multiple jobs, most of which were hard physical labor with no real growth. I got burnt out. I had sunk into depression and learned a lot about myself. I lost my job; relationships fell apart and the debt racked up. I had given so many hours of my life to employers and put myself on the back burner.

I turned inward and found wounds I didn’t know existed. Overworking, overspending, a lack of relationship skills, you name it.

A lot was learned from watching my parents who only stayed together for the sake of us kids. Individually they were great, but together they formed a Petrie dish of yelling and bad communication among other faults.

I decided that was not the type of relationship I wanted for me and my future wife, whoever that may be. I started to heal. Me time. Alone with my thoughts.

I came up with a plan to find peace though self-reflection music and hobbies. I learned that true grounded happiness only comes from within, and it’s a beautiful thing.

There is unmatched power in peace, and I want to give you a road map to help you find yours.

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