You Matter Box

a lifeline designed for the guy going through hell


‘You Matter’ is a push from Veterans who have walked the battlefield abroad and back at home.

We’ve been there – lost Hope and were Found by somebody like you who reminded us that “I matter.”


When a man loses hope, he gets lost in hell.

He is capable of getting himself out if he knows what to do and has a support system.

Our ‘You Matter’ box is a guide. Together, we are the support system.


Male hesitation to reach out for help and sentiments toward traditional therapy are no secret yet few alternatives are available despite the horrific rise in male suicides rates:


Suicide rates increased approximately 36% between 2000-2021.

Source: CDC


More than 47,000 people in the U.S. died by suicide in 2021, and the majority of those deaths – 38,025 were men.

Source: National Center for Health Statistics


Men account for approximately 75% of all suicides, making them three (3) times more likely to take their own lives than women.

Source: World Health Organization


Analysis reveals that certain sub-groups of men are at particular risk of suicide. This includes divorced men; military veterans; unemployed men; Aboriginal men; and men with mental illness.

Source: Psychology Today 

The rising numbers in our male suicide rates over the years isn't just data – it's a crisis that we can no longer ignore. We’re here to do something about it.

If you are struggling, dial or text 9-8-8 from your phone to talk to someone who wants to help you.

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

24/7 call/text/chat