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You Matter Box

You Matter Box

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Know a man going through a hard time but you don't know how to help? Send him a 'You Matter Box.'

This lifeline was created from our battles with loss, hardship, and the silent struggles many men face alone. It serves as a tangible reminder of the collective support behind each individual, fighting against feelings of isolation and despair.

What's included in our 'You Matter Box':

  • 'You Matter' Action Guide: Armed with QR codes, this guide offers immediate encouragement and actionable guidance, connecting users to a wealth of supportive resources and personal stories of resilience.
  • Water Bottle: A daily reminder to stay hydrated and take care of one’s physical health, reinforcing the connection between physical well-being and mental health.
  • Journal & Pen: Tools to facilitate self-expression and reflection, helping individuals process their thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner.
  • Incense Set (10 Sticks & Rose Quartz Holder): Designed to create a calming atmosphere, the incense set encourages moments of relaxation and mindfulness, with rose quartz symbolizing healing and love.
  • Stress Ball: A tactile tool for stress relief, providing a simple method to manage anxiety and tension.

Every 'You Matter Box is sent with FREE 2-Day Shipping.

'You Matter' is a movement from a suicide widow and Veterans who have been to the battlefield abroad and at home (loss, divorce, breakups, financial hardship, PTSD, depression, anxiety).

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