The Book

Coming soon, just as fast as my heart can type…

My Sons Survival Guide

A Survival Guide for My Son

A Survival Guide for Masculinity: Self-Mastered lessons with the power to reduce suicide rates and transform a generation. Because when men rise up to who they are capable of being, the whole world changes.

All the things I wish I had known.

All the things I want my son to know.

All the things that made me into a self mastered man.

All the things that will make my son a quality man.


I started writing vulnerably on Instagram as @writing_raw to document what I was experiencing real time in the event I was no longer here – my son would have my words of what I had figured out.

After making it through hell and finding peace, I wrote this book for my son with the same premise - what would I want him to know if I was no longer here? In many ways, this book is for the sons who don’t have a self mastered man in their lives.


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