Cory Stripped Raw

As a 19 year Military Veteran, father, husband (divorced), fitness & health enthusiast with over a decade of experience coaching competitive powerlifting, I have gained a deep understanding of adversity, pain, disappointment, insecurity, failure, and heartbreak.

Through my military profession, as well as my expertise in fitness coaching I have developed an invaluable understanding of growth and healing, as well as the processes & steps to achieve these desired outcomes.

In the late summer of 2020, Life took an unexpected turn for me and I was broken! Anxiety levels were through the roof, as well as the crippling symptoms of depression. However, through my faith in God, friends, family, fitness, and experience mentioned above I was able to climb out of the pit I was in, heal myself, and transform into the man I am today.

I am now dedicated to helping others reach and accomplish the same goals, more efficiently than I did.

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