I am a 15-year military veteran and a first generation Cuban American. Being the son of Cuban refugees, I pride myself on creating a legacy my family can be proud of—one that serves my country and my loved ones simultaneously.

Over the past 15 years, I've had to learn how to build a life with emotional intelligence as its foundation. This isn't always easy given the demands of military life, with its many trials such as deployments, long work hours, and frequent relocations (PCSing) every few years.

It's crucial for me to protect my peace, maintain balance, and give myself grace.

In my free time, I enjoy furthering my education in IT and computer systems.

I also love working with my hands in my favorite place, my garage, taking things apart and putting them back together—like my cherished 1972 Datsun.

More than anything, spending quality time with my wife and children is what keeps me grounded.

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