I am a creative spirit who has learned how to live from love instead of fear. After losing my late husband to suicide, I embarked on an immersive journey to self love.

Growing up in a home where my dad experienced domestic violence and eventually “peaced out,” he left me without a male influence and an unconscious mindset that I had to do everything on my own which turned into not valuing what men bring to the table.

After taking a deep look into the mirror and removing all the layers of protection I built up from childhood, I started to understand masculinity and femininity the way it was intended - without societal influence.

I’ve spent time understanding the unique struggles males face and have a special place in my heart for advocating for men. I believe active listening is the key to understanding the struggles they face in today’s society.

I believe we have the power to break generational cycles by taking responsibility for our thoughts and beliefs that keep us in those cycles. 

I believe when men & women take responsibility for their thoughts and beliefs and live with conviction that their wildest dreams are possible, they will manifest.

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