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Audrey Limited-Edition Signature Series

Audrey Limited-Edition Signature Series

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I've spent a lot of time tearing myself to pieces in order to see the little pieces, the beautiful little bits of myself, my journey. I often felt like a side gunner in a helicopter just tearing through a mountain of my insecurities just to get to the bare bones of myself to understand myself a little better. With all my rage and space I was able to tear myself down pretty good. Putting myself together took quite a bit more time. I needed the patience and precision of a sniper. 

I needed the precision of a film camera that was used in the days of Audrey Hepburn. She was always an inspiration to me because she reminded me of the look that shakes you from across the room without saying a single word. She's the perfect balance of 1 moment, 1 shot.

A woman with her power makes you slow down in life. So, reflecting on her power to stop a whole room, I slowed myself down by focusing on the perfect environment, the perfect factors to take that perfect picture. I had to slow myself down in order to put myself back together just like taking photographs with a film bath.

"I shoot with a film camera so I can put your Polaroids on the sun visor in my truck"

This Hand-Signed Letter Press piece of Wall art was printed on a machine from the same era as Audrey Hepburn. The words were written 2 years ago on a Saturday night when I was home alone with my dog and a raging wood-fire in December on a machine from her era. 

The iconic heart is painted in Revlon Creme 415 PINK IN THE AFTERNOON just like Audrey Hepburn wore in the Film "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

The shape of the heart is a replica of the shape that I taught my son how to draw a Heart.

Simple, Time Consuming and worth every moment of my life.

I never knew how to value my Art. I value this piece at $444 with shipping, handling, taxes and all of the red tape included. 444 is the frequency of the angelic realms. A frequency that I listened to for seasons on end in order to remind myself that Peace and change was coming to me. 444 is significant to me because this piece was written and is still dripping with the fact that when you hang it on your wall you'll be reminded of the same thing as me when life got hard- Peace is Coming Your Way.

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