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Marilyn Limited-Edition Signature Series

Marilyn Limited-Edition Signature Series

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Taking us back to a place in time where the little moments matter. Little moments that inspired so much of my writing. Little moments i've spent the last couple of years throwing paint on a canvas all weekend long when it was 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside with nobody to witness the madness inside my home besides the framed photos of Marilyn Monroe encouraging me to go wild. Marilyn reminds me of a woman, a Wild Woman who let it all go and just sing until you're out of breath. 

"Paint until your soul has covered the canvas in"

This Hand-Signed Letter Press piece of Wall art was printed on a machine from the same era as Marilyn Monroe. The words were written 2 years ago on a Saturday night when I was home alone with my dog and a raging wood-fire in December on a machine from her era. 

The iconic heart is painted in Max Factor X #1 MARILYN RUBY RED.

The shape of the heart is a replica of the shape that I taught my son how to draw a Heart.

Simple, Time Consuming and worth every moment of my life.

I never knew how to value my Art. I value this piece at $444 with shipping, handling, taxes and all of the red tape included. 444 is the frequency of the angelic realms. A frequency that I listened to for seasons on end in order to remind myself that Peace and change was coming to me. 444 is significant to me because this piece was written and is still dripping with the fact that when you hang it on your wall you'll be reminded of the same thing as me when life got hard- Peace is Coming Your Way.

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